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Brazil is an amazing country to explore and we hope that our guests will have the time to see some of what it has to offer! Below we have listed some of the most-visited places to give you some ideas, but we would recommend discussing with Rafael Dabus at RDD Consulting ( – mention Ana and Peter’s Wedding) and he can help you plan the perfect trip.


These two beautiful beaches on the coast of São Paulo are the best options for those who want to stay closer to São Paulo and travel by car. The beaches are approximately 3 hours from São Paulo and you can stay in hotels or rent houses through Airbnb. Some tasty restaurants are Aqua, Badauê (Juquehy Beach), and Manacá.


This historic city with wonderful beaches is located between the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, approximately 5 hours by car. It is also possible to fly with Azul. Paraty is a colonial city and a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can stay in inns (we recommend Pousada Azul or Literária) and rent boats for day trips. Some tasty restaurants are Restaurante da Pousada Literária, Banana da Terra, Gastromar, and Quiosque Santo Antônio (try the moqueca).



Rio needs little introduction and it is easy to reach from Sao Paulo – there are many, regular flights shuttling people between the cities each day. There's a lot to do in Rio! Culture, beaches, restaurants, hiking, paragliding and climbing. While any trip to Brazil would be incomplete without visiting Rio, we advise our guests to take a little extra caution in the city (particularly keeping an eye on your belongings when lounging on the beach and avoiding walking between neighbourhoods within the city).
For accommodation, we would recommend that our guests stay on one of the famous beaches: Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon. In terms of hotels, we would suggest looking at the Fasano, Emiliano, Janeiro, or Sol Ipanema. Like Sao Paulo, Rio is blessed with many good restaurants, but some tasty options are: Sushi Leblon, Baladamix, Mr. Lam, Aprazível, Café 18, Oteque, Arp (breakfast) and Spicy Fish.



Bahia is located in the Northeast of Brazil, a region which benefits from hundreds of miles of some of the finest beaches in the World. We could list any number of cities / beaches in the region, but Bahia hosts many of them and is the most easily accessible from Sao Paulo.

Trancoso is located in the south of Bahia and is known for its beach surrounded by red cliffs. As well as it’s beautiful beaches, it has a charming center with many shops and restaurants, a golf course, and day trips near the city. It is an hour's drive from the city of Porto Seguro and has several direct flights from São Paulo every day.

While the weather in Bahia is warm year-round, we note that April and May does see higher rainfall and therefore sunbathing may not be uninterrupted!


Foz Do Iguazu sits on the southern border of Brazil, on the border with Paraguay and Argentina. As the name notes in Portuguese, the major attraction is the spectacular waterfall, stretching for almost 3 kilometers across the border between Brazil and Argentina, which is more than worth a visit on any trip to Brazil. Both the Brazilian and Argentinian side offer breathtaking views and experiences and we would recommend taking a day to explore each (with the most common itinerary being to spend a day exploring on the Brazilian side first, before taking a tour across the border the next day to explore on Argentinian soil). While the town has many hotels and easy access to the falls, for the ultimate experience we suggest guests stay at the Hotel Das Cataratas, which is the only hotel on the site of the national park and allows guests exclusive, early access to explore the Brazilian side of the falls before the general public.


Manaus and its booming rubber trade was once an economic powerhouse in Brazil and visitors will have glimpses of its glorious past in the Largo de Sao Sebastiao, the public square which houses the iconic Amazonas Theatre (a UNESCO World Heritage Site often cited as one of the most spectacular opera houses in the world). These days, Manaus is most notable for tourists as the “Gateway to the Amazon” and almost all tours to the jungle start from the city.



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